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p5.rotate-about is a p5.js library that adds rotateAbout() and scaleAbout() functions.

Whereas the p5.js rotate() function rotates around the origin, rotateAbout() takes additional x and y arguments (or an additional p5.Vector argument) that specify the center of rotation.

A short example:

// This sketch draws a rectangle that spins around the center of the canvas.
function setup() {
  createCanvas(400, 400);

function draw() {
  background(220, 20);
  rotateAbout(frameCount, 200, 200);
  rect(100, 100, 20, 30);

(You can run this canvas and browse additional examples here.)

Note: rotateAbout() is a very short, simple function. (See the final installation option, below.) This library is most useful when there is a way to include it automatically, or when you want to keep each sketch as short as possible, for example for pedagogical purposes.

Installation Options

Option 1: Using a CDN

Use the online version by adding the following line to your HTML document:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/p5.rotate-about"></script>

Option 2: Downloading the library file

Alternatively, download p5.rotateAbout.min.js from this repository. Include it in your HTML document by adding this line, after the line that includes p5.js or p5.min.js:

<script src="p5.rotateAbout.min.js"></script>

Option 3: Using the p5-server CLI or Visual Studio Code extension

The p5-server command-line tool, and the P5 Server Visual Studio Code Extension, will each infer this library from the presence of call to rotateAbout() or scaleAbout() in a JavaScript-only sketch (a sketch without an HTML file).

Option 4: Skip the library – simply copy rotateAbout() into your sketch

A minimal implementation of rotateAbout() – that doesn't work in p5 instance mode and doesn't accept instances of p5.Vector – is very simple. Just add the following function to your sketch:

function rotateAbout(x, y, angle) {
  translate(x, y);
  translate(-x, -y);



rotateAbout(angle, 100, 200);

is equivalent to:

translate(100, 200);
translate(-100, -200);

It can also be used with a vector:

rotateAbout(angle, createVector(100, 200));


rotateAbout(2, 3, 100, 200);

is equivalent to:

translate(100, 200);
rotate(2, 3);
translate(-100, -200);

Unlike scale(), both the x and y values must be supplied to scaleAbout(). scaleAbout(2, 100, 200) does not work a shortcut for scaleAbout(2, 2, 100, 200). This may be fixed before version 1.0 is released.

Keeping in Touch

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Other Work

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