Oliver’s p5.js Libraries

This repository contains libraries for p5.js. Each library has its own documentation page; click on the library name for additional documentation, examples, and installation instructions.

The Libraries


p5.layers adds functions that simplify the use of createGraphics and p5.js Renders objects. It makes it easier to use Graphics objects to implement drawing layers, and it removes the need to add or remove the “g.” prefix from draw calls in order to change them between drawing on the canvas, versus drawing on a instance of Graphics.

function draw() {
  circle(width / 2, height / 2, 100);

trail example animation trail example animation


p5.rotate-about adds rotateAbout() and scaleAbout() functions.

function draw() {

  const angle = radians(frameCount);
  rotateAbout(angle, 100, 200);

  square(10, 10, 50);


p5.vector-arguments enables the use of p5.js Vectors with the p5.js Shape functions.

function draw() {
  let pt = createVector(mouseX, mouseY);
  circle(pt, 100);

  pt.add(100, 200);
  circle(pt, 50);


Each library includes instructions for adding it to an HTML file.

In additon, the p5 server command-line runner and the P5 Server Visual Studio extension know about these libraries. A JavaScript-only sketch that uses one (or more) of them will automatically include the library when it is run by one of these tools.

Keeping in Touch

Report bugs, features requests, and suggestions here, or message me on Twitter.

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Other Work

https://code.osteele.com lists my other p5.js projects. These include tools, libraries, and examples and educational materials.

P5.js notes has notes on learning and working with p5.js