These sketches are examples for the p5.vector-arguments library.

This library extends the p5.js shape functions, such as circle(), to accept vectors as arguments. This allows you to write e.g. circle(c, 10) instead of circle(c.x, c.y, 10), where c is a variable whose value is an instance of p5.Vector (a value that is returned by createVector or by of the methods that returns vectors).


concentric-n (1–3)

Three studies inspired by Huw Messie's Concentric Circles


Demonstrates createDiv().position() and createButton().position() with p5.Vector arguments.


Demonstrates circle() and rect() with p5.vectorArguments. Move the mouse to draw circles; click to draw a square.


Demonstrates vertex(vector) with a 2D p5.vectorArguments.


Demonstrates vertex(vector) with a WEBGL canvas and a 3D p5.Vector argument.


The directory can be opened via p5 server. This command knows how to run JavaScript-only sketches, and recognizes that the sketches in this directory depend on the p5.vector-arguments library in these sketches.

Or, it can be browsed on the web at https://osteele.github.io/p5.libs/p5.vector-arguments/examples/.

The web version was created by the p5 build subcommand of p5 server.